My name is Chris Dinesen Rogers. I am what you can call a creative maniac. I am driven to be creative. Whether it’s writing, painting, or cooking, I test the waters of my imagination constantly.


I started painting when my husband bought me a set of watercolors. I have never looked back since. My work reflects my love for Nature and the idyllic past.

When I’m not exploring the North Country, my painting journey visits farm landscapes and country kitchens. The beauty and craftsmanship of pottery and fine woodworking often appear in my still life paintings.


Writing allowed me to embark on a freelance career. Research into a myriad of topics opened my eyes to the bounty of information and knowledge all around.

It led me down the path of self-publishing where I could realize my dream to hold a book that I’ve written in my hands. Along with the sale of my first painting, it was one of the most momentous occasions in my life.


Cooking is my passion. From my early days with the Joy of Cooking, I’ve evolved. I could chronicle my journey based on my cooking Bible at the time. There was Julia Child’s, Mastering the Art of French Cooking to the Cook’s Illustrated, The Science of Good Cooking to my present love, Nathan Myhrvold’s, Modernist Cuisine at Home.

I’ve learned from the best, taking courses from the Culinary Institute of Arts offered by the Great Courses. It also opened my eyes to Mediterranean cooking. No cuisine has ever captivated me as completely.

This website is all about the things I love. I hope you enjoy it.

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