Welcome to my revamped website!

After lots of stops and starts, I’ve pulled it together to make a one-stop site for all of my work including books and paintings.

I experimented with different CMS platforms with marginal success. WordPress is still the way to go if just for the fact that it stays current with the technology.

I experienced several DNS attacks on my site as well as brute force attempts. Those damn hackers didn’t succeed, but it sure left a negative impression.

On this website, you’ll find:

  • Updates on my writing and books along with new editions
  • Links to my artwork available for purchase online at Etsy
  • My usual roundup of health and environmental writing formally under the blogs, The Road to Wellness and Exploring the Outdoors

I don’t pull punches on this site. I call out pseudoscience and quackery for what it is. I am a skeptic. I don’t follow the crowd, fads, or anything on Facebook. I also do not use social media.

Because of Facebook’s blatant misuse of data, I have deleted my accounts on that site and all others. I’m reverting back to word of mouth. I don’t use cookies or any tracking.

And there aren’t comments on this site. If you’ve read this section on any popular site, you’ve notice the vitriol that exists on them. These cowards can only swear and embrace the straw man fallacy as if it were their god. Pass.

And if you like wine, take a peek at my other site, Wining with Chris, as I chronicle my journey to getting my Certified Specialist of Wine accreditation.

Thank you for visiting!

Photo by Art Lasovsky on Unsplash

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